Shapiro, Deane H., Jr. (2008). Meditation: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives.

Aldine Transaction. (Amazoon)

"Each selection is a contribution to the field, either as a classic of research, or by being methodologically elegant, heuristically interesting, or creative. Original articles cover such topics as the effects of meditation in the treatment of stress, hypertension, and addictions; the comparison of meditation with other self-regulation strategies; the adverse effects of meditation; and meditation-induced altered states of consciousness. Concluding with a major bibliography of related works, "Meditation" offers the reader a valuable overview of the state and possible future directions of meditation research. Today, in the popular media and elsewhere, debate continues: Is meditation an effective technique for spiritual and physical healing, or is it quackery? "Meditation: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives" weighs in on this debate by presenting what continues to be the most complete collection of scholarly
articles ever amassed on the subject of meditation."


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