Why I believe the transcendental meditation org is dangerous. Knapp Family Counseling.

"La plupart des symptômes ci-dessous viennent de rapports anecdotiques dans ma pratique conseiling. Il y a une certaine littérature des effets secondaires dans" l'Étude allemande "-bien que la méthodologie et la petite taille de l'échantillon rendent ces résultats anecdotiques aussi. (Les échantillons "Snowball" remontent aux années 1980. Le Professeur Doug Heckathorn a augmenté leur validité statistique.) Mais une étude randomisée par Otis trouvé que j'usqu'à 70 % de praticiens de la MT ont soufferts de problèmes psychologiques - et plus longtemps ils ont médité, plus de probabilité ils avaient d'éprouver des effets secondaires. Persinger lui, demande si la Méditation Transcendantale peut être responsable pour provoquer des symptômes semblables à l'épileptique."

"Most symptoms below come from anecdotal reports in my counseling practice. There is some documentation of side-effects in the "German Study" — although the "snowball" methodology and small sample size essentially renders those findings anecdotal, as well. ("Snowball samples" have come far since the 1980s. Professor Doug Heckathorn has increased their statistical validity.) But a randomized study by Otis found as many as 70% of TMers suffered from psychological problems — and the longer they meditated, the more likely they were to experience side-effects. And Persinger asks if Transcendental Meditation may be responsible for inducing epileptic-like signs."
"En attendant, des centaines de praticiens de la MT semblent éprouver des effets secondaire sérieux. Personne n'éprouve chaque symptôme inscrit ci-dessous. En fait, je ne suis pas certain combien de praticiens de la MT éprouvent chacun d'eux. Mais j'ai traité des centaines de victimes - et j'ai comparé des notes avec d'autres critiques. C'est clair pour moi qu'un pourcentage significatif expérimente au moins un effet secondaire négatif. Si la Méditation Transcendantale était un médicament, il aurait été mise depuis longtemps sur les tablettes."

"Meanwhile, hundreds of TMers appear to experience serious side-effects. No one experiences every symptom listed below. In fact, I'm not clear how many TM practitioners experience any. But I've dealt with hundreds of sufferers myself — and compared notes with other critics. It's clear to me a significant percent experience at least one negative side-effect. If Transcendental Meditation were a drug, it would have long ago been yanked from the shelves."

Possible Physical Side-Effects

-uncontrollable fatigue, sleeping during the day-insomnia and hypersomnia
-withdrawal-like symptoms when stopping or missing meditation
-sleep paralysis (often understood as one form of "witnessing sleep") -night-time hallucinations (hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations, often understood as "visions")
- possibly narcolepsy (See Persinger's research, referenced here) -eating disorders, including anorexia, binge eating, morbid obesity
-stomach and bowel complaints -chronic neck and back pain (especially among "Yogic Flyers") -chronic headaches
-difficulty with the menstrual cycle

-involuntary body movements (twitching, spasms, head shaking, etc. in, and out, of meditation)
-serious health effects, including death, when TMers turn to Maharishi Ayurveda and ignore traditional medical treatment.

Possible Emotional Side-Effects:
-anxiety or fear
-obsessive ideas -pathological guilt
-dissociation (trancing out, spacing out, staring into space, forgetting what one is doing, losing a space of time, feeling as if one is not real, inability to remember events or periods in one's life, feeling separate from one's body or mind)
-pseudo-identity (possessing both cult and non-cult personalities, similar to multiple personality disorder)
-unusual difficulty remembering names or words,
-frequently forgetting in mid-sentence what one is saying, being aware that others are speaking but not understanding what they are saying -suicidal ideation, gestures, or successful attempts
-"nervous breakdowns" (lay term for depression or other mental illness that results in inability to function normally — or hospitalization) -identity confusion: rapid changes in core beliefs such as spirituality, sexuality, personal interests; inability to settle on a career; unstable interpersonal relations
-psychosis (most likely an already-present tendency to this disease is triggered by excessive meditation) -depression
-unusual avoidance of difficult people, situations, memories — frequently resorting to meditation or sleep to deal with them
-derivative narcissism
-delusional thinking
-auditory and visual hallucinations
-divorce, frequently multiple (frequently attributed to rapid spiritual growth and "outgrowing" one's partner)

Possible Cognitive Side-Effects:
- significant difficulty with memory and/or concentration
-incessant jumping from one thought or action to another, constant activity without accomplishing a goal, distractibility

Possible Social Side-Effects:
-significantly decreased job or educational performance -difficulty obtaining or maintaining a job, jumping from job to job -relocating frequently, to the detriment of the individual

Possible Spiritual Side-Effects:
conflict with birth religion (Judaism/Christianity/Islam: puja, use of graven images, mantras are names of Hindu gods, yagyas to Hindu deities; Buddhism: conflict with tenets such as anatta or no-self)
-spiritual confusion -replacing birth religion with TM/Hinduism or other spiritual practices

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