The Various Implications Arising from the Practice of Transcendental Meditation: An empirical analysis of pathogenic structures as an aid in counseling. Bensheim, Germany: (Institut fur Jugend Und Gesellschaft, Ernst-Ludwig-Strasse 45, 6140.) Institute for Youth and Society, 1980 (188 p.). [Texte complet] [Résumé]
Fait saillants "Le Rapport sur la MT de l'Institut de l'Allemagne pour la Jeunesse et la Société" (Germany's Institute for Youth and Society).

"The Report of Germany's Institute for Youth and Society on TM "For the first time on the Web, TranceNet presents the entire text of this seminal report in English translation -- with charts. The TM movement attempted to suppress this report in German courts, but its findings were upheld by the German high court (The Federal Republic of Germany: OVG Muenster: 5 A 1152/84, The Bundesverwaltungsgericht: 23.5.87 7 C 2.87, The Bundesverfassungsgericht: 1 BvR 881/89). Among the subjects studied:

76% of long-term meditators experience psychological disorders -- including 26% nervous breakdowns
63% experience serious physical complaints
70% recorded a worsening ability to concentrate

Researchers found a startling drop in honesty among long-term meditators Plus a detailed examination of the history, culture, and secret teachings of the TM movement.

The German study turned up by far the most adverse effects experienced by TM practitioners. Some excerpts follow:

4.3.3 TM has a detrimental effect on the decision making process. There is a loss of self-determination and a turning toward TM authorities for guidance. Studied facial expressions, bodily posture, voice and handwriting all point to the fact that the total personality is gravely altered under TM.

4.6.6 TM can cause mental illness or at least prepare the way for the onset of mental illness; that psychological illness already present before TM was considerably worsened after starting TM; that mind-set conditions can develop leading to depersonalization.

5.6.4 In cases studied, TM caused a far reaching alteration of the view of reality which adversely effects social relationships, motivation and the drive to achieve -- to the point that practical work becomes intolerable to the meditator.

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