Eliaz, Isaac, M.D., M.S., L.Ac. (2008). Children and Yoga. 21 August.


(...) Some experts in the field of yoga question the safety of yoga as practiced by children. American YogaAssociation (AYA) president Alice Christensen, believes that yoga is not appropriate for children under sixteen because the effect of yoga on nervous and glandular systems may interfere with natural growth. “Two of my great teachers, Rama and Lakshmanjoo, advised me of the dangers that Yoga asanas may pose for young children.” explains Alice Christensen on the American Yoga Association’s website http://www.americanyogaassociation.org . Patricia Rockwood of AYA states, “Yoga puts pressure on different glands. It changes the body’s metabolism and structure and causes certain hormonal changes.”1 She feels that there are plenty of other activities and exercises more suitable for children.


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