Naveen, KV, Teiles, Shirley. (2003). Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation. Yoga and Psychosis : Risks and Therapeutic Potential.

Journal of Indian Psychology. Vol. 21 (1). (Texte complet)

“There is a strong interest in the correlation between yoga (especially meditation) and psychosis. Some reports have described : (1) appearance of psychotic symptoms for the first time after meditation, (2) precipitation of acute psychotic episodes in those with history of psychosis, after meditation…”“Meditation has been gaining popularity as a psychotherapeutic intervention (Frith, Stevens, Johnstone & Crow, 1979). However adverse effects of meditation have also been reported, viz. depersonalization, altered reality testing, and the appearance of previously repressed, highly changed memories and conflicts (Glueck & Stroebel, 1976 ; Kennedy, 1976). Similar adverse responses were reported in a single subject several weeks after initiation into Transcendental Meditation (French, Schmid & Ingalls, 1975). Another report described how acute psychotic episodes were precipitated by intensive meditation in patients with a history of schizophrenia (Lazarus, 1976). A subsequent study attempted to analyze the correlation between contemplation and psychosis (Chan-Ob & Boonyanaruthee, 1999). Observations were made in three patients who presented psychotic symptoms subsequent to practice of meditation. In two of them sleep loss following a “wrong doing” of meditation was found to be the main cause and drug withdrawal was the principal factor in the third case. Also, in the case of Qigong, a Chinese meditation, a series of psychological and physiological disturbances followed inappropriate training (Xu, 1994). Some patients experienced a range of physical and mental symptoms which came to be called “Qigong deviation syndrome” which disappeared after the exercise was stopped. In traditional yoga texts, it has been mentioned that “by a mistaken course of yoga the yogi brings upon himself all diseases” (Hatha Yoga Pradipika (2:16). Ayuktabhyasa yogena sarvaroga samudbhavaha. Vishnudevananda, 1999).” [Citation en français]


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