Risk of Qigong 走火入魔

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Source : http://alternativehealing.org/risks_of_qigong.htm

What is the risk of doing qigong?

Institutions that teach qigong have been sued by people who are taking qigong (chi kung, chi gong) lessons from them, alleging that the training had caused everything from emotional damage to psychotic breakdowns to suicide.

About 20 years ago, there was an institution and its instructors that taught qigong were sued by more than 470 people who claimed they had suffered physical and emotional damages, according to a San Francisco newspaper, San Francisco Examiner.

Can qigong caused that? Actually qigong can cause serious damages from incorrect application by the instructions or by learning the types of qigong that do not match the body, especially learning the self made kind of qigong which has not been proven over time.

The sickness resulted from doing qigong incorrectly or from receiving incorrect instruction is called "zou huo ru mo" ( 走火入魔 ). The problem can be physiological or psychological or both. The term "zou huo ru mo" literally means the body is catching fire and entered by demons. Today the term "pian cha" 徧差 meaning "deviation" is preferred by many practitioners.

The problems can show up like mania, psychotic, hallucination, depressed and suicidal, nervous breakdowns, sudden surge of of heart rates, chronic pain, and split personalities.

This problem also can happen from incorrect training in certain types of yoga (resulted in kundalini syndrome), certain religious types of meditation and incorrect hypnosis.

There is a secret branch of qigong specially designed to deal with the problem of Zou Huo Ru Mo.
The author, over 40 years period has helped solved many cases of deviations (zuo huo ru mo) that were referred to him.

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