Lazarus, A.A. (1976). Psychiatric Problems Precipitated by Transcendental Meditation. Psychological Reports, 39, 601-602. [PubMed]

"Lazarus (1976, 1984) described several cases in which psychiatric problems such as depression, agitation and schizophrenic de-compensation were observed. These included a 34 year old woman who became suicidal and a 24 year old woman who experienced severe de-personalisation, apparently as a result of transcendental meditation (TM). He also suggested that participants who failed to experience the benefits of meditation might experience a sense of failure and anxiety rather than the enhanced self-understanding that they perhaps were looking for." [Meditation research site]

"Based on clinical experience from these two studies, Lazarus shows that serious psychiatric problems can ensue from the practice of TM. He points out that TM is no panacea. He concludes that the TM practice can be used in some cases, but that it is clearly contraindicated in other cases." (résumé)

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