Del Pe. (2006). Hidden dangers of meditation and yoga.

"DEL PE, a meditation, yoga and healing science expert with mastery of not only the art but also the science of meditation, has deep understanding and experience healing mediators, yogis and even meditation teachers of he dangers and side effects of meditation. Trained by 4 Masters from Asia and the Himalayas, he has designed more than 50 meditation protocols for different age groups, health conditions and levels of spiritual development. He is author of Inner Powers to Maximize Your Performance and From Success to Fulfillment. He is also the founder of the World Institute for Safe and Effective Meditation (WISEmeditation), a USA-based organization serving meditators globally."

"Most of the millions of people practicing meditation or yoga put themselves at risk everyday by not knowing the dangers of meditation. In this unique book, Del Pe reveals secrets about the dangers of meditation not available in any other book, audio or video programs about meditation or yoga." (

"How and why you can be fried by combining meditation and yoga techniques incorrectly. Know when your child is too young to do meditation or yoga. Understand how smokers, alcoholics and drug users can be helped or harmed by meditation and yoga."

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This Should be a "Must Read" for Meditators and Anyone Working with Body Information and Energy, February 1, 2006
Dr. Richard G. Petty (Atlanta)

"It is often surprising to me how rarely writers discuss the potential dangers inherent in some forms of meditative and energetic practices. Not because they are "wrong," or "evil," but because they can release a lot of emotional and spiritual energy. I have seen countless people who have suffered from psychological and physical problems, from thyroid problems to psychosis, as a result of trying to do some types of personal development work. Was the practice the cause, or were the individuals already on the road towards developing difficulties? Usually it has been the former, since the pattern of the problems have been entirely predictable. That is why we usually recommend a teacher for all but the most basic techniques. It has nothing to do with power and control, but instead is designed to provide help and guidance if things go wrong. Most good teachers will tell you that much of their time is spent dealing with problems that arise in students, that may be physical, psychological, relationship, energetic or spiritual."

"Yoga, qigong, tantra, kundalini work and some other forms of meditation can release enormous amounts of energy, and if you do not know how to handle it, you and the people around you can get into deep water. This is a very nice book by someone whose work I had not known before. He discusses some of the potential problems of spiritual and meditative practices, how to avoid them, and then presents a comprehensive set of exercise that can indeed be done without a teacher. I was familiar with many of them, but there were one or two that I hadn't seen before. Well written and well produced. Highly recommended! "

Offers a full disclosure to Meditation, June 3, 2007

"Before you begin to meditate this book provides you with a glimpse of what you are getting yourself into it. Meditation is not the light subject matter that I was led to believe in magazines, TV, videos, and books. Chapter 5 introduces a concept regarding Chakras that I wasn't aware of. We have more than 7 Chakras. The author is so serious about conveying the safety precautions of meditating that he has dedicated 80 pages which starts in Part III "steps for safe and effective mediation". I can believe what this author is saying by my own journey with meditation. I must admit that I got to a certain portion of this book and began to skim through it. This book literally scared the crap out of me. I didn't want to learn more than I needed to know. For instance, in Chapter 22 there is a discussion on the Dangers of Personality Power and mindlessness syndrome along with solutions to both. It gave me an insight on why there is a lot of talk about the psyche or "mind" and meditation at yoga conferences. I thought this was for the peaceful side of the experience in this arena but if you do not meditate correctly you can get yourself into some situations that can not be fixed by simply taking a couple of aspirins. Additionally, for example, Chapter 22 Hidden Dangers of Meditation-Every Meditator should know. p 313 discusses the "psychic syndrome-is a group of symptons diagnosed by physicians or psychologists as paranoia, hallucination, being insane...." the cause you guessed it....... "

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