Kennedy, R.B. (1976). Self-Induced Depersonalization Syndrome. American Journal of Psychiatry, 133 (11), 1326-1328. [Am J Psychiatry] [Commentaires]

« Psychiatrists should be aware of this phenomenon, as the number of organizations in the «consciousness movement» is increasing, and should ask people manifesting depersonalization about any involvement in activities leading to altered states of consciousness.» «Of late, we have witnessed a burgeoning of groups that have alteration of the consciousness of their members as one of their primary goals. These groups employ many and varied techniques and range in accessibility from such highly publicized and scientifically researched organizations as Transcendental Meditation to obscure and esoteric organizations that operate completely out of view of the general public but nevertheless have substantial memberships.» […] «I considered this new movement aimed at the physiological alteration of consciousness (as opposed to the pharmacological alteration of the sixties and early seventies) to be one of the most important events on the contemporary scene, and I think it will undoubtedly have effects throughout the fields of psychology and psychiatry. »

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